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Using our own high access equipment
reduces the need of scaffolding in 98% of our repairs
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Roof repairs and maintenance Leominster, Herefordshire
Roof repairs and maintenance - Re-roofing Leominster

Practical Roofing is a specialist

roofing contractor with years of experience

renewing roofs and re-roofing roofs for

residential and commercial clients. 

Renewal of your entire roof covering will provide a guaranteed weather and waterproof roof covering.

Whatever the cause of your roofs problem - the age of the existing roofing materials, a poor roof design or roofing structure, or poor roofer workmanship - re-roofing your property with Practical Roofing will improve the roofs performance.

At Practical Roofing, we have the expertise to handle the most complex re-roofing projects from start to finish.

We are happy to quote for all roofing projects on any pitched roofs and flat roof types and on any domestic dwelling or commercial property.

We guarantee satisfaction for our roofing solutions and ensure waterproofing and insulation meets or exceeds all relevant roofing standards. 

Replacement / re-roofing of:

Flat Roofs over 50 sqm

  • Built up felt, flat roofs
  • Single ply roofs
  • Liquid flat roofing systems

Slate Roofs

  • New Welsh slates
  • Reclaimed slates
  • Imported slates
  • Reconstituted slates
  • Cement slates

Tile Roofs

  • Clay plain tiles
  • Clay interlocking tiles
  • Clay profiled & pantiles
  • Concrete plain 
  • Concrete interlocking tiles
  • Concrete profiled & profiled tiles

From your initial call, we will coordinate your whole roofing repair or re-roofing project and provide all the services you need. From a professional roofers assessment to any roofing authorisation required and final roof installation, we provide a complete residential roofing service.